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We design and weld for various kinds of steel work, welding is used in almost every industry to create parts, structural components, and equipment. Construction, automotive, and aerospace industries frequently turn to welding professionals to construct everything from large-scale pieces to intricate assemblies.

Welding is a commonly used technique in metal fabrication to create products such as gate pipe fittings, window frames, automotive parts, tools, and more. Professionals use welding throughout commercial fabrication, industrial fabrication, and structural fabrication processes.

Fabrication is the broad term for the industrial processes that take raw or partially finished materials and turn them into finished parts. Metal fabrication, specifically, refers to manufacturing processes that shape sheet metal and other forms of metal into products. The broad stages of metal manufacturing are:

  • Part Design: Metal fabricators create plans to fulfill specifications, run virtual tests, and plan stages and processes of production.
  • Part Fabrication: Manufacturers shape raw or sheet metal to bring the design to life. This stage can incorporate several manufacturing, machining, and joining processes.
  • Part Finishing: The metal part might be deburred, hardened, painted, treated, or assembled to make it ready for packaging or shipping.

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